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What we can help you with:

Canberra Domestic Violence Lawyers offers specialist, affordable, advice to those suffering from family violence.

  • We can advise you in relation to the legal and practical options are available to you

There are many legal and practical options available to protect you and your family. We will discuss with you the options available to you legally, within and outside of the Court system, as well as the practical options that you might like to think about if Court is not something that you think would be of assistance.

  • We can represent you in court

If you make an application for a protection order, we can represent you in Court and advocate for you.

  • We can negotiate with the other party or their lawyer on your behalf

Sometimes it might be that parties are able to reach a resolution together that addresses the issue of violence. If this is something that might work for you, we can assist you to effectively negotiate with the other party or their lawyer, or we can negotiate with them directly on your behalf.

  • We can refer you to other support services and organisations

Canberra Domestic Violence Lawyers has a lot of connections to other organisations in the community who work with, and assist, victims of family violence. We can provide you with referrals to these organisations where appropriate, and assist you to make contact with them.

We have a close relationship with the Tara Costigan Foundation, who provide victims and their families with a personal caseworker for a period of up to 2 years at no cost to the victims (Tara’s Angels). Each Tara’s Angel acts as a counsellor, mentor, guide, trusted friend and rebuilder of lives. They have a direct therapeutic role, and also help lives to be rebuilt by assisting victims to navigate the confusing myriad of services and bureaucratic processes facing a family violence victim.

  • We can assist you with your associated lamily law issues

Our team members also specialise in family law, so we can help you with other family law related matters as well.