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The cost to our community of failing to address Domestic and Family Violence is enormous.  We believe that regulating behaviour is a social problem that requires a broad response from community support services, government and the legal system.
Farrar Gesini Dunn lawyers are passionate about representing clients affected by Domestic Violence because of the difference quality legal representation can make to outcomes for clients and reduce the overall costs to our community.

The law recognises that there are different types of Domestic and Family Violence.  Domestic Violence includes behaviour which generally affects your personal safety and personal liberty.  It might include behaviour by a partner, carer or family member that causes physical or personal injury, damage to property, or that is otherwise threatening or harassing.  It can include behaviour which is psychologically, financially or sexually abusive.

For victims, the behaviour is debilitating.  Beyond each incident, our community bears the cost of Domestic and Family Violence shaping the early experiences of a child’s life, marking the breakdown of families or the acute physical and/or psychological injuries that follow.  It is often suffered in silence with victims feeling powerless and unable to seek help.
We take pride in being part of the solution to end Domestic and Family Violence by empowering clients to seek help and defend their legal rights to personal liberty and protection.

If you are seeking help or support, whether legal or community-based, we can assist you with legal representation or referral to the many services available in the ACT.